Part of the worldwide MARIMED Group , established at Mumbai in Jan.2006, to expand and promote business activities of Marimed in the India sub continent and Middle East.

It presently covers all commercial chartering activities from the east of Suez to Singapore, covering the Indian sub-continent , the Middle East and the Red Sea areas.

The core competence of Marimed India is to be a one-stop service provider, updating in-depth information about relevant shipping costs, commodity trends and market dynamics.

The extensive in-depth experience and knowledge of executives, along with dedicated expert team members, have enabled Marimed to move on the fast tracks of success with impressive client satisfaction. This success has been achieved  mainly due to its speedy action, trouble shooting decisiveness and by honoring its contractual obligations strictly on time thus being known as a “reliable contractual performer”. Marimed India's specialty makes it a challenge to provide best services to its clients even in these unprecedented and volatile shipping times.

Ever since its inception, Marimed India has generated an impressive client list through its commitment to customer satisfaction and  dedication to quality. The company believes in nurturing relationships by being pro-active, reliable ,re-assuring its clients and forming lasting relationships. We continually pursue the highest quality service for clients and for the safety of cargo and we hold a leading and distinct position in the local shipping community.

Marimed India's team is extremely versatile in handling cargoes ,be it all kinds of steel products, bulk and  minerals. The team consists of a highly experienced set of people.

Marimed India has been accorded prestigious forward shipping contracts from steel and other industries on time to time basis. The company has expanded its service portfolio in a short time to meet the needs of the varied clients.

Marimed India will continue its operations in a manner designed to extend business, optimize the satisfaction of clients operate in a safe environment be mindful of its employees  for the best interests of the Company’s future.


Marimed India offers vessels for full and/or part cargoes for steels products and other break-bulk cargoes (such as agri products, sulphur, bauxite, bentonite clinker, alumina) from all Indian and Persian Gulf ports to all Middle East, Red Sea, East Africa, Black Sea, E.C.SA, U.S. Gulf, S.E.Asian & Far-East ports to meet the valued clients demands.

Time Chartered ships are normally utilized for contractual commitments with the existing customers. Sometimes time chartered ships are also utilized for loading of market spot cargoes booked with flexibility for the contractual clients.

Bookings of vessels and cargoes from east of Suez Canal up to Maputo - Singapore falls under the area covered by Marimed India.


Marimed India has an experienced and dedicated team of chartering professionals, who are closely liaising with existing clients, other clients and brokers, offering a unique  personalized round the clock service- 24/7/365..




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